Fill in the blanks



Made a queue the other night 0_o 

Lets see how this pans out 

I know people that are studying to become programmers, artists, engineers, teachers, fashion moguls, and what have you and im just sitting here like  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fresh outta the dentist and my mouth is numb as fuck, feels nice but once this wears off its gonna hurt and thats not a good time =/

Seclusion aint so bad as long you know how to be alone

I hate fearing failure. I know firsts are always shitty but god damn I hate being bad at stuff and looking like a fool. C’mon fourth-quarter-of-2013, give me strength! *flex*

Needed yesterday and today. Closure. Feels good. 

My activity-o-meter has flat lined. Clearly I run the most interesting blog on earth.

US vs Costa Rica with mah bro, all thats missing is some beer 

My 4 hour computer class was actually pretty cool

Its been a while, tumblr. I missed you *hugs computer*

Theres a group of kids playing soccer outside and it made me realize I pissed away 20 summers and im 2/3 the way through pissing this one away too. Fucking kids. 

2:30 is the perfect time to blast metal and destroy my eardrums